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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Texas Hold em Poker Box CHIPS engine

Zynga Poker Hack

Don’t buy anymore chips, start selling instead!

We been testing Zynga Poker Hack Trainer for a long time in VIP. Most of the VIP didn’t want to share it, but it is now time for a public release. Most of the VIP users are already tired of the Zynga Poker Hack. The VIP 
version has some extra “fun” Zynga Poker Hack which makes no real change to the game-play. There is practically no difference between the public and private one. We wouldn’t discuss about them to prevent them from getting patched. We will discuss the hacks featured in the public trainer below.

Download here!!! POKER BOX CHIPS ENGINE V.9  for FREE!!!

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Poker Box V.9 FEATURES.
1.After installing Poker Box click on the desktop iCon POKER 
2.Software managed to appear on the desktop then select your poker account

3.Enter email and password and select the number of chips to your desired and then click send (as an example I chose the $ 9 billion)

Once the process is completed please log into your account and check whether the chips are added according to your wishes (for example I use facebook account). 
<<<<<Poker Box V.9 FEATURES>>>>>
  • Unlimited Chips (Chips poker is served without borders) 
  • sell / divide the chips to a friend / colleague without any fear will be banned by TEAM Zynga. 
  • Software full version and 100% no spyware 
  • Software is very easy to use by anyone, without needing any special skills.

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